Case History

  • Involved in over 300 Investigations as an expert witness and consultant.


  • Derrell Bennett Law Firm, Henderson, Texas
    State of Texas vs. Michael Loun, 1st Degree Murder
    Report and Court Testimony
    Use of Force Expert 2006, Trial 2007, Testimony
  • Manasseh, Gill, Joubert Lawfirm, Baton Rouge, La.
    Re: Richard Naquin, Jr. (Law Offices of Alvendia, Kelly and Demaress, New Orleans, LA)
    Report June 2006 Deposition
    Less than Lethal Force, Settled
  • Phillip J. Bondousque Law Firm, Metairie, La.
    Police Consultant
    Use of Force Consultation September 2006
  • Gabb, Lundy and Davis L.L.P., Lake Charles, La.
    Re: Arshad vs. Kenner P.D.
    Consultation and Report, Federal Case Dismissed
    Doctor Died in Custody, Trial
  • Galloway & Jeffcoat, LLP, Lafayette, La. 70506-1550
    Markel Domino, et al vs. Crowley City Police Dept.
    Docket No: 82953-A Consultation and Report
    Report, December 2006
    False Arrest, Deposition
  • Galloway & Jeffcoat, LLP, Lafayette, La. 70506-1550
    Alleman, Miller and Landry vs. Romero, Allstate Indemnity and Lafayette Parish Sheriffs Dept.
    Docket No: 02576B Consultation and Report
    Report and Deposition, December 2006, Trial 2007
    Funeral Procession, Settled During Trial
  • Glenn Armentor Law Corp., Attorney Christian Lewis
    300 Stewart St, Lafayette, La 70501, Re: Joseph Gary Amos vs. Corey Jackson, Karl Babin, Lafayette Parish Consolidated Gov., Willow Lounge, ILC, Darryl Foster, Scottie Alfred, CVOH-0968, U.S. Dist. Court, W-D of Louisiana, Judge Haik
    Report and Deposition, December 2006, Settled
    Excessive Force at Night Club
  • Latonja Davis vs. The City of Bunkie, Louisiana
    Mayor Gerard Moreau, Police Chief Mary Farnarr, and Officer Fred Armstead, 12th Judicial Dist. Court, 2006-9519A, Attorney Michael Remondet
    Report, December 2006, Deposition
    Police Officer – Juvenile Relationship, Dismissed
  • David Groner, PLC, Attorney, 230 W. Main Street, New Iberia, LA 70560-3735, Re: Bronel Herbert vs. Quinten Adcock, eet al Docket No: 101107-G
    Consultation and Report, February 2007, Trial May 2009
    Drug Search Warrant, Police Procedure
  • Broussard and David, 600 Jefferson St, Lafayette, Louisiana 70502-3524, Re: Michelle B. Deville, et al vs. Louis Dale Marcantel, et al; Civil Action CV06-01451L-0
    Consultation and Report, May 2007, Deposition
    Woman Drug from Vehicle with Grandchild, Excessive Force, Settled
  • Rashiede Nobles vs. Kinner P.D.
    Jim Brown Attorney
    Consultation 2007
    Police Shooting – Drug Case
  • Robert Hallack Law Firm, Re: Linda Brown vs. Our Lady of The Lake Hospital, Suite No: 546158, Div. 25, 19th JDC
    Consultation and Report, Settled 2007
    Excessive Force at Hospital
  • Attorney Carlos Moore and Attorney Ted Cornell, Mississippi, Re: James Marshall vs. Officer Casey Wiggins
    Consultation and Report, Settled
    Police Officer at School (&RO)
  • Attorney Jarvis Claiborne, Re: Vincent Tiller vs. St. Landry Parish Sheriff
    Report and Consultation, August 2007 + 2008
    Suicide in Jail, Settled
  • McKay Law Firm, Re: Willis Louviere vs. Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Department, Civil Action, No: 6:06-CV-1374LO
    Report and Deposition 2007
    Excessive Force in Jail
  • Attorney Camille Knight, Dallas Texas
    Re: Jesse Dwayne Taylor, Sulphur Springs, Texas
    Drug Criminal Case, Public Defender
    Consultation 2007
  • Attorney Rusty Galloway, Lafayette, LA
    Re: Sheila Williams vs. Lafayette City Parish – Death of Terrill Enard (Taser)
    Consultation and Letter of Refusal 2008
  • Attorney John Naquin, Jr., Re: Boyd Sanchez, Jr. vs. Johnny Ray Canzaro, et al
    Consultation and Report, February 2008
  • Abreu Law Firm, Attorney Joseph Wolenski, State of Florida vs. Carlos Ulloa
    Reviewed Reports & Consultation, Refused Case 2008
  • Edward Jordan, Baton Rouge, La. Re: Carolyn Simmons Vs James Johnson – Middle Dist. Louisiana
    Consultation, SWAT Entry – Suicide Attempt – Refused Case
  • Attorney Eubanks, Little Rock, Ark. Sandria Lewis vs. Brandon Thomason, Chief, Rockport, Ark.
    Consultation, Report and Deposition, January 2009
    Shooting Death, Dismissed
  • Attorney Kathryn Bloomfield, Ref: T. Davis
    Consultation, Shreveport, La. January 2009
    Shooting Death
  • Attorney Loeffelholz, New Orleans, La. Gravolet vs. Tassin, et al
    Consultation and Report, January 2009, Dismissed
  • Attorney Jill Craft, Baton Rouge, La. Re: Cheryl Washington (Kerry Washington – Minor) vs. Marlin Gusman, Criminal Sheriff Orleans Parish, Doc# 2007-3308 Div. B-15, February 13, 2009
    Consultation, Report, Trial
  • Attorney Joseph J. Long, Baton Rouge, La. Re: Welch vs. Broussard et al, Doc# 561, 372, Sec 24, 19th JDC, Parish of East Baton Rouge (Taser Case)
    Consultation and Report, Deposition, Settled
  • Attorney Wanda Davis, Metairie, La. Re: Elton Homes, Sr. et al vs. La. Department of Public Safety and Corrections, et al (juvenile death)
    Consultation, Report, Settled
  • Law Office Porter & Guidry, Lafayette, La. Re: Tracey Lynn Viator vs. City of Carencro
    Report and Deposition June 2009, Trial
  • Attorney Carlos Moore, Mississippi, Jonie Daniel vs. H. M. Grimmett, Report and Deposition, False Arrest
    December 2009
  • Attorney Tracey Houck, Ruston, La. Brumfield vs. Dana Shell, Reports and Consultation, Impaired Driving and Traffic Stop, Report
    November 2009
  • Attorney Jarvis Claiborne, Troy Mott vs. City of Eunice, St. Landry Parish, Unmarked Police Unit, Shooting of Mott
    Consultation 2009
  • Attorney Carlos Moore, Re: Butts vs. State of Mississippi, Trooper harassment, tinted windows, disorderly conduct and assault
    Consultation and Report 2010, Settled
  • Attorney Langston Adams, Re: Derrick Newman vs. Beaumont P. D., Consultation and Report, Excessive Force, Beating on Video, Taser
    Deposition, Dismissed
  • Attorney Jarvis Claiborne Re: Michael Jones vs. New Iberia P.D., September 2009
    Death in Custody, Excessive Force
    Consultation and Report
  • Attorney Langston Adams, Port Arthur, Texas, Re: Shooting Death of Matthew Scott Beckett
    Consultation, Refused Case
  • Attorney Jody A. Moscona, Att. Gen. Office, Re: Martin Lemoine vs. New Roads, et al. 18th JDC Ethics, Confidentiality and Interrogation Techniques
    Consultation and Report, Deposition
  • Attorney Cleo Fields, Re: Sheketa Heard vs. City of Baton Rouge, Pursuit and Excessive Force (vehicle)
    Report July 2010, Mediation, Settled
  • Attorney John McKay, Baton Rouge, La, Re: Jo Neal Frances vs. Wayne Melancon, Lack of Medical Care at Lockup
    Report, Settled
  • Attorney Wanda Davis, August 2010, Re: Adrian Clauder vs. Wayne L. Jones, Sheriff, St. John the Baptist, Excessive Force during Arrest
    Consultation and Report, Settled
  • Attorney Carlos Moore, Re: Shawn Johnson vs. Hines County Sheriff’s Department
    Consultation July 2010
  • Attorney Brent Corell, June 2010, Re: Veronica and Manuel vs. Logan Simon, City of Ville Platte, Failure to follow Police Procedure, Auto Wreck Death
  • Attorney Anthony Marinaro, Re: Anthony Brown vs. Jack Strain, Jr., Death in Custody
    Report June 2010, Deposition, Settled
  • Attorney Marcus Bryant, Re: Pierre Batiste vs. Sheriff St. Martin Parish, Taser, Excessive Force
    Consultation and Report, July 2010
  • Attorney Joseph Long, Re: Fontentos vs. Sheriff Livingston Parish, July 2010, Excessive Force, Four Wheeler
    Consultation and Report, Settled
  • Attorney Michael Barras, New Iberia, La.
    Price vs. Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office, 15th Judicial Court
    Use of Force – Parade Route
    Consultation and Report
  • Attorney Payton Murphy, Baton Rouge, La.
    Plain vs. Patin et al, 19th Judicial Court
    State Police Hit Vehicle in Rear
    Consultation and Report, Settled
  • Attorney Deborah Villio, Metairie, La., Goutierrez vs.
    Kenner P.D., Pursuit Accident
    Consultation and Report
  • Attorney Todd Clemons, Lake Charles, La.
    Police Shooting of Warren Lawrence
    Consultation, December 2010
  • Attorney Wendel Fusilier, Ville Plate, La.
    Ryder vs. Acadian Parish Sheriff’s Office
    Escape from Jail, Accident with Injury
    Consultation, Report, Settled, November 2010
  • Attorney Carlos Moore, Grenada, Ms.
    Bonney vs. Leflore County
    Excessive Force, January 2011
    Consultation and Report
  • Attorney Carlos Moore, Grenada, Ms.
    Re: Burton vs. City of Jackson,
    Consultation, Report, Shooting of Moore, Violation of Procedure, Report, Deposition, Trial
  • Attorney Michael Barras, Re: Gueydan P.D. vs. Hughes
    Invalid Search & Seizure, Report
  • Haik, Minville & Grubbs, Re: Sally Smith vs. Lafayette Parish
    Report, Excessive Force – Broken Arm, Consultation and Report, Settled
  • James Clary & Assoc., Carlos Harris vs. Baton Rouge P.D.
    Shooting in Car at Club, Excessive Force, Report
  • Rabalais & Herbert, Attorney Joan Wallace, Re: Eisler vs. Lafayette P.D.
    Accident on I-10, Debris in Roadway, Report, Settled
  • Attorney Carlos Moore, Re: Hayes vs. LeFlore County
    Excessive Force, Initial Report
  • Harrington Law Firm, Re: Sherman vs. Alexandria P.D.
    Excessive Force – Dog Bite, Dismissed
  • Attorney Claiborne, Re: Jurnell Smith vs. Bobby Guidroz
    Excessive Force, Report and Deposition 2011, Trial
  • Attorney J. Long, Re: Stranjac vs. Bernard and Town of Walker
    Excessive Force K-9, Report and Deposition, Settled
  • Attorney Scott Wilson, Re: Dr. Cefalu vs. Sheriff Edwards
    Excessive Force, Consultation and Report, Trial, August 2012
  • Attorney Frank Silvestri, Re: Jeffry Ders: Swat Negotiators
    Consultation, October 2012
  • Attorney Rudie Soileau, Re: Cleve Ritchie
    Consultation, Excessive Force, Report, Trial, December 2012
  • Attorney Charles Thomas, Re: Michael Dunbar Casino
    Excessive Force, Settled, November 2012
  • Attorney Michael Glass, Re: Louie Marshal vs. City of Baton Rouge
    Consultation, Traffic Stop/Accident
    Consultation and Report, April 2012
  • Attorney Donna Grodner, Re: K-9 Cases
  • Attorney Marcus Plaisance, Re: Amanda McNeil
    K-9 Attack, Consultation and Report, Settled, July 2012
  • Attorney Gary Boutwell, Re: Haley Young vs. State of Louisiana
    Consultation and Report, November 2012
  • Attorney Jarvis Claiborne, Re: Shelvin vs. Lafayette Parish Sheriff Office
    Jail Suicide, Consultation, July 2013
  • Attorney Gerald Weeks, Re: Byrd vs. City of Bossier
    K-9 Case, Consultation and Report, July 2013, Dismissed
  • Smith Shanklin Sosa, LLC, Re: Carolina vs. LSU Police
    Excessive Force, Consultation, April 2013, Report and Disposition.
  • Attorney Tangela Hollis, Re: Williams vs. City of Aberdeen, MS
    Excessive Force, Consultation, Report, July 2013
  • Attorney Wilson, Re: Laflour vs. Houston P.D.
    False Arrest, Deposition, 2013, Dismissed
  • Attorney Carlos Moore, Re: Washington vs. Oktibbeho County
    Excessive Force, Taser, Settled, Report, 2013
  • Attorney Hollis, Re: Hines vs. City of Clarksville
    Report, 2013
  • Attorney Wilson, Re: Arriage vs. McTague
    K-9, 2013
  • Attorney Davenport, Re: Patrick Smith
    Armed Robbery, Plea, Settled, 2013
  • Attorney Tregg Wilson, Baton Rouge, Hernandez vs. Theriot
    Chief of Police Criminal Conduct Consultation, March 2014
  • Attorney Mumford, Jackson, MS, Joseph Adams
    Murder Charge, Consultation
  • Attorney Rick Putman, Abbeville, LA, Charles Harrington
    Murder Charge, Consultation
  • Attorney Edwin Dunahoe, Natchitoches, LA, Boyt vs. City of Natchitoches
    Excessive Force, Consultation, Settled
  • Attorney Hughey, TX, Re: Marcus Slade
    Taser Death, Consultation, Report, Deposition
  • Attorney Register, Lafayette, LA, Re: Randell vs. Opelousas
    Police Officer Excessive Force, August 2014
  • Attorney Rick Gallot, Ruston, LA, Re: Bastrop Police Department
    Taser Case, August 2014
  • Attorney Phil Boudousque, New Orleans, LA, Re: Trege vs. Greg Champagne, St. Charles Sheriff
    Reckless Operation of Police Vehicle, February 2014
  • Attorney Willie Johnson, Baton Rouge, LA, Re: Janlee Beard vs. Tangipahoa Sheriff’s Office
    Excessive Force, April 2014
  • Attorney Willie Johnson, Baton Rouge, LA, Re: Lee vs. Leroy Wells
    Bicycle Death, Consultation, November 2013
  • Attorney Carol Lexing, Re: Smith vs. Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office
    Excessive Force and False Arrest, Consultation, August 2014
  • Attorney Carol Lexing, Re: Victor White
    Consultation, August 2014
  • Attorney Cloyd Benjamin, Natchitoches, LA, Re: Patterway vs. Shreveport Police Department
    Violation of Policy, January 2014, Report
  • Attorney Tod Tefteller, Re: Bobby Madewell, Consultation and Report
    Taser Death Case, 2014, Settled
  • Attorney Donna Grodner, Re: Edwards vs Sheriff Cazes,
    Taser Death Case, Report, 2014
  • Attorney Pennington and Martinez, Re: Kent vs Town of Clinton,
    Consultation, Report and Deposition, No PC for an investigation, September 2014, Settled
  • Attorney Treg Wilson, Re: LaBaux vs St. John Sheriff’s Office,
    Taser Death, Consultation, 2014
  • Attorney Vergis, Re: Barber vs City of Shreveport,
    Excessive Force, Consultation, December 2014
  • Attorney Miller, Re: Barton vs Tutwiler, Miss. consultation report;
    Excessive Force – Taser, September 2014
  • Attorney John Smith
    Porter Investigation, Murder, October 2015
  • Attorney Melvin Miller
    Travis F. Griggs vs. Leflore County, Miss.
    Excessive Force at Club, Consultation, Report
  • Attorney Thomas Davenport
    Ahearn vs. City of Alexandria
    Search Warrant and Property Issues, Consultation
  • Attorney Ed Jones
    LSU vs. Kin Fulton
    Excessive Force – Employment Issues, Report, Hearing
  • Attorney James Bolin
    Weaver vs. Shreveport P.D.
    Consultation, Report
  • Attorney Fusilier
    Fowler vs. City of Natchitoches
    Excessive Force, Report
  • Attorney Larry Keilberg
    Grisham vs. Temple, Texas
    Excessive Force and False Arrest, Report
  • Attorney Betty Marak
    Police Defender; US Government vs. Willie Fred Knowles
    Civil Rights Charge, Report, Plea
  • Attorney Chris Sices
    LSU, Excessive Force, 2013
  • Attorney Debra Villio
    Watero vs. Kenner P.D.
  • Attorney Chris Ieyoub
    Carpenter vs. City of Sulphur
    Dog Shot, Report, Settled
  • Attorney Donna Grodner
    Savoy vs. Angola
    Excessive Force, September 2015
  • Attorney Vercell Fiffie
    Randle vs. St. John
    Excessive Force
  • Attorney Carlos Moore, 2016
    Adrian Jackson vs Shooting at Club
    Excessive Force, Consultation
  • Attorney Chris Washington, 2016
    Corey Cheek Shot
    Rapides Parish, Consultation
  • Attorney Alex Washingston, 2016
    Grant vs. Natchitoches P.D.
    Excessive Force, Report
  • Attorney Thomas Hoval, 2016
    Walken vs. Caddo Parish
    Excessive Force, Report
  • Attorney Bradley Lewis, 2016
    McMahon vs. Richland Parish
    Sexual Assault and Police Procedure Violation
    Report and Deposition
  • Attorney Greg Malta, 2016
    Dunn vs. Louderdale County
    Excessive Force, Shooting
  • Attorney Debra Villio, 2016
    Jarreau vs. City of Kenner
    Policy & Procedure, NCIC
  • Attorney Donna Grodner, 2016
    Brian Porter vs. Det. Hear, Beard & Off. Barbin
    Policy & Procedure Violation
  • Attorney Greg Malta, 2016
    Ryan vs. Hard Rock Casino
  • Attorney Nancy Cronin, 2017
    Griseto vs. Roswell Correctional Center
    Correctional Policy and Procedures
  • Public Defense Valerie Jusselin, July 2017
    USA vs. Jarvis Hardy
    Drug Search Warrant
  • Attorney Larry Marcus, 2017
    Karl Rougemont vs. New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy
    Law Enforcement Training Issues
    Report and Deposition
  • Attorney Jill Craft, 2017
    Bajoie vs. City of Baton Rouge
    Excessive Force, Taser
  • Attorney Katie Beaird, 2017
    Sibley vs. Paulk
    Excessive Force, Jail
  • Attorney Donald Hathaway
    Muslow vs. City of Shreveport
    Excessive Force
  • Attorney William Helm, Attorney Stephen Butterfield, 2017
    Marchand vs. St. Helena Sheriff’s Office
    Policy and Procedures, Training Violations
  • Attorney Allen Pesnell
    Konard vs. T.A. Kolb
    Excessive Force
  • Attorney Lucretia Pecantte, 2017
    Michael Noel vs. St. Martin Sheriff’s Office
    Excessive Force
  • Attorney David Benoit, 2017
    Marilyn Calais vs. Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office
    Training Issue
  • Attorney Cloy Benjamine, 2017
    John Kite vs. Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office
    Policy and Procedures, Failure to Supervise
  • Attorney Brad Lewis, 2017
    Patricia Bailey vs. City of Bogalousa
    Policy and Procedures
  • Attorney Donna Grodner, 2017
    O’Neal Gilbert vs. Maj Shannon Lessard
    Excessive Force, Correctional Center
  • Attorney Greg Malta, 2017
    Bobby Smith vs. Lincoln County Mississippi
    Policy and Procedures
  • Attorney Greg Malta, 2017
    Cortez Martin vs. Town of Tutwilder
    Excessive Force

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